What you didn’t know about Xiaomi.

iPhone 5: The Heavy Duty Phone

There are a lot of different iPhone 5 cases that a person can choose from that can make your iPhone uniquely yours. These cases can prevent any unwanted damage on your phone and make its life span longer.

iPhone 4S Deals Too Expensive?

UK mobile phone shops, retailers and networks are slowly releasing their new iPhone 4S deals onto the market after what many consumers are now saying was an Apple launch event that did not quite live up to expectations. Following rumours across the internet on blogs, forums and industry websites about the launch event held last to release a brand new Apple iPhone 5 its was the iPhone 4S that was showcased and sporting the same housing and looks of the existing iPhone 4 left many disappointed. Now that iPhone 4S deals are starting to emerge we finally get…

Smartphones – The NextGen Communication Wave

The technology of mobile phones is evolving every day. We have now entered the age of Smartphones that are not mere mobile devices with phone capabilities but offer a lot more. Smartphones offer a lot of built-in features that provide the functionality of a personal digital assistant over and above working as mobile phones.

Top iPhone 5 Cases of 2011 and 2012

Because acquiring a new iPhone 5 smart phone does not come cheap, protecting your investment with the right iPhone 5 cases is only logical. Depending on your particular taste and needs, various protective cell phone cases are available for the iPhone 5. How you want your phone to look, and how you intend to use it will also dictate the type of iPhone 5 case that will be ideal for you. Following are some of the better products for iPhone 5 protection that are available this year.

Apple iPhone 4 Goes 8GB As iPhone 4S Is Released

Apple look to be following a trend when releasing a new iPhone into the market, as with the previous release of the iPhone 4 when the company then released a new and cheaper 8GB version of their 3GS model they have now done exactly the same with the current iPhone 4. Consumers can now buy a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 with a cut down 8GB of internal memory which is now being sold alongside the original 16GB and 32GB models as Apple release their new iPhone 4S smart phone to the world. The new 8GB iPhone…

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