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A Look At Zune And iTunes For The HTC Radar And The iPhone 4S

When it comes to synchronisation then the Zune software on the HTC Radar is a joy to use. When you download tracks or albums on your PC they are automatically added to your Zune library. This is in contrast to iTunes for the iPhone 4S where you have to manually add any tracks that were not downloaded using that program. Individual tracks can also be easily added directly to your Radar handset by dragging and dropping the desired track onto the phone symbol at the bottom of the screen.

My Predicaments While Buying a New Cell Phone

The biggest question that comes to my mind every time I think about purchasing a mobile phone is which model I should choose. A new model being launched every day adds up to my confusion and I get more indecisive.

Cheapest iPhone 4S Deals Are Not Best for Average Users

The brand new Apple iPhone 4S has now had contract deals available for over 3 weeks but many consumers are put off by the high price of line rental when ordering a free phone deal, although these pay monthly offers that include a free iPhone 4S may look attractive they are not always the cheapest way to own this new phone. The best way to work out exactly how much an iPhone 4S deal is going to cost is to add up all of the line rental charges for the entire contract period (which is usually 24 months) and…

How To Take Great Photos With Your Android Phone

Taking photos is easy nowadays. Many phones, actually most of them, have cameras and well, if you want to take a snap all you need to do is access your camera on your smartphone, focus and click right? Of course, you will have your photo but how is the quality of that photo? With an Android phone you can take better shots at night, change its background to a blur and so much more.

3 Mobile Offers the Best Deal for a Free iPhone 4 16GB in Black and White

The launch of the latest iPhone 4S has sparked a wave of discounts for the previous iPhone 4 model and with stocks running low on the newer version and the older receiving the new iOS5 update, many consumers are opting for iPhone 4 deals rather than paying extra for the latest model. The dedicated 3G network; 3 Mobile, currently offers the best deal for a free iPhone 4 which works out to be far cheaper than buying the latest iPhone 4S with the same memory capacity, the 16GB iPhone 4 is now being offered free of charge by the…

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