Why the most important internet law is being rewritten

Refurbished Smartphones

A refurbished smartphone is simply a used model that gets submitted to the independent repair service or manufacturer to get fixed so that original factory specifications are restored. When this is done, the phone is presented for sale in the marker again when functioning like a new phone. The quality of the phones varies and this means that the prices also vary from phone to phone, but they are very much affordable compared to new smartphones.

Voting By Smartphone Online – How Do We Protect Such A System?

At some point in the near future we will all be voting online, but before that happens Americans need to be able to trust such a system. We already know that no one in our government can protect their own emails much less ours. Nor can they protect the personal data we give to the various government agencies. People don’t trust electronic voting machines and for good reason, so how will they ever come to trust online voting or voting via smartphone? At some point they’ll have to, but how can we be sure there won’t be voter fraud?

Xiaomi Redmi Pro: New Redmi Smartphone With Deca-Core Helio X20 Processor

Recently, the Xiaomi company has released a new product, Xiaomi Redmi Pro. It is the first affordable smartphone to come with dual cameras. Another highlight is that it is configured with the latest deca-core Helio X20 processor. At this article, I will do a review of this new product. This article involves three aspects, including appearance design, configuration and camera.

iPhone 6 Versus Samsung Galaxy Edge S6

It is better to have true information on the features available on each mobile brand before taking an informed decision. People tend to get carried away by the tall claims made by various advertisements in various media. In this article, we would be making a true comparison to let the reader choose correctly depending on his requirements.

Making the Decision Between iPhone and Android

The decision between iPhone and Android is made every day. One is not necessarily better than the other, but they are indeed different.

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