Windows 11 review: an overhaul in progress

What We Want From the Apple iPhone 5

We’ve heard plenty of rumours about what features might be found on the iPhone 5, but what do us consumers really want to see? Let’s take a look at the must-have features of the next-generation Apple smartphone.

Fix Your iPhone Yourself – When Is It Possible?

One of the biggest gripes iPhone users tend to have with their beloved devices is the cost of maintaining them in good condition – even though you have to pay a lot in the initial purchase, this doesn’t exhaust all the money you’ll be spending on the device, and depending on the circumstances you may be in for a lot of spending if you ever need a more serious repair on that iPhone. Don’t worry though – with the right know-how, it’s entirely possible to fix an iPhone yourself (if the damage isn’t too severe, of course) – you just…

iPhone 5 Launching With List of New Features

According to a report published today on Boy Genius Report, Apple’s major US carrier partner AT&T is getting its staff prepped for the release of the next iPhone handset, expected sometime in mid-September. The report cites a ‘proven source’ that claims that AT&T’s retail arm has been communicating with its legions of employees, telling them to “finish training in order to have employees available for the influx of foot traffic expected in September.” While this report is simply another rumor, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind at this point that September…

Business Phone Advice – What Is the Best Business Mobile Plan For You?

Whether you only have your own business phone or you are responsible for a fleet of business smartphones, choosing the right mobile plan is absolutely vital. The problem is that most of the advertising you see can be confusing and it may be hard to navigate through all of the inclusions and exclusions. It may be best to engage a consultant to help you make the right choice. This article contains some of the things that you need to think about when comparing business mobile plans so that you can decide which carrier and which plan will best suit your needs.

8 Business Phone Apps All Smartphone Users Should Have

There are hundreds of thousands of Apps out there and whether you use an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android handset, there are enough business phone apps available that can help improve the running of your business and also help improve your life- I know it sounds funny to say an app can improve your life but I genuinely believe it. I know it to be true because I know how much my clients rely on App recommendations and I know how much I rely on the Apps that are available on my phones (I use all three operating systems mentioned above.)

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