WWDC 2021 June 7th Preview: M1X Macbook Pro! iOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 & More!

Do a Comparative Advantage Before Taking International SIM Cards

It is a well-known fact that roaming services are an expensive option for international travelers. Hence, many telecom service providers have introduced international mobility solutions in order to satiate their demands of making local and international calls at reduced rates.

Subscribers Lost When It Comes to Mobile Roaming

It’s all too common these days to arrive home after a vacation, rip open your cell phone bill – or, since this is the 21st century and all, log into your account online – and discover you’ve been dinged for hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars worth of international roaming fees. There’s even a name for it: bill shock.

Buyer’s Dilemma

Buying a smartphone has become a nightmare. This article will explain a few terms that will help you take a better decision.

Samsung Galaxy Beam – Projects Your Life!

The new Samsung Galaxy Beam will soon hit the market and its features are truly intriguing. Above all, the most highlighted feature is its unique projector, which is a signature feature in this special line from the Samsung Company. Moreover, the projector is well improved, as it can give 15 lumens of output when compared to the meager six lumens given out by its predecessors.

Simple Tips to Prolong Battery Life of Smartphones

Smartphones have greatly influenced our lives. These phones come with lots of features that help us perform the various daily tasks. Smartphones are different from the conventional mobiles phones as they are much bigger in size and have got more advanced features than the conventional phones.

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