Xiaomi reveals Smart Glasses (Watch the trailer)

A Mobile Management Strategy Is No Longer a Luxury

Does your company have an effective mobile management strategy in place? If not, you could be losing customers and money. Read more…

The Joy Of Smartphone Games

Knowing that the electronic market brings more and more complex and expensive gaming consoles on a daily basis and that they are not always easy to purchase I want to remind you of the good old mobile phone games and the ease of playing one on one of the most popular handheld devices we know. The mobile phones always tried to offer an entertaining part to the devices aside from the utility features. The manufacturers started introducing games in the mobile phones menus almost ten years ago, because they knew that the phone should offer a more vast…

Droid Razr HD Information

Not only do the new DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola continue the sleek industrial design we’ve come to expect from Motorola. They also pack some great new features.

How to Fix a Broken Screen on a 4GS

The iPhone is one of the best devices in the world today, yet its screen remains vulnerable to constant damage. In fact, a cracked screen is one of the most common problems associated with iPhone use. If you accidentally break the screen on your 4GS, it will not be covered by warranty.

Smartphone Features That Influence Consumer Purchases

Smartphones are cellular phones that are able to do numerous tasks, like playing music, taking photographs, checking and sending emails, and running various apps. Unlike other phones, smartphones have much more powerful processors and run operating systems, and therefore are essentially pocket computers.

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