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Windows Mobile Applications

Microsoft seems to be going full force when it comes to mobile applications. With the Windows Phone 7 getting a lot of buzz and hundreds of applications being built, it is just a matter of time before Android and iPhone developers have to compete with Windows mobile applications, if they haven’t already felt the pinch. Microsoft has also demonstrated the ability of the desktop version of Windows running on chips other than Intel chips.

IDC Survey – Mobile Developers Interests and Strategies

Mobile applications development offers an unprecedented opportunity for developers to make business. The study of mobile applications development by IDC reveals that the current trend for applications that have a one-time cost and are cheap is soon coming to the end. With more mobile applications evolving and becoming more sophisticated, developers are also weighing their prospects for marketing the application.

Promising Picture for iPhone Application Development

Millions of applications are downloaded from the App store bringing a technology revolution not witnessed before. The innovative applications emerging on the scene has changed the way users interact with their smart phone devices.

Two New Smartphones for Mobile Lovers

Today new mobile phones are being launched with sophisticated features and stylish designs. The devices come packed with latest features and cutting-edge technologies that make the everyday life of the users more convenient and hassle free by providing easy communication and networking facility. One can easily find an elegant phone that offers entertainment, business and communication features.

BlackBerry Playbook Coming Soon

BlackBerry have revolutionised the mobile phone industry by launching range of basic to high end state of the art Smartphones, that are perfect combination of technology and user friendliness. The handsets produced by the company are not only stylish but are also innovative and feature packed devices that help you simplify your everyday life. Other than regular phone calls and messaging capabilities, the Smartphones manufactured by the company fulfill the entire business needs of the user.

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