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Highly Recommended iPhone Apps for Moms!

For anyone who owns an iPhone, they know that there are just thousands of apps out there and this can get a little tedious to go through and somewhat confusing. If you are a mom and are looking for some good apps for your iPhone, here are a list of a few highly rated ones that will help save you some time from sifting through all of the different apps.

How To Edit, Copy and Paste Using Your iPhone Across All Apps

The iPhone comes fully equipped with shortcuts like you would find on a normal computer, which includes cut, copy and paste functions. We look at how these functions can be accessed and what they are used for across your iPhone apps.

How to Compare the Best iPhone Deals in the UK

Whilst simply comparing the monthly cost of a new iPhone contract is the popular approach, this really is a flawed concept. Prospective purchasers need to take into account all costs including upfront fees, monthly line rental and contract duration. This article aims to show you how to compare the best iPhone deals in the UK.

Vital Importance Of Non Cash Donations To Not For Profits – Cell Phone Recycling Can Help!

I recently reviewed some potentially devastating data on the drastic changes coming to Not-For-Profits (NFPs) due to shifting demographics and the aging of the typical donor base. The info excerpted from Pew Research stated in just 5 years, Baby Boomers who now give 90% of donations will reduce their giving by 59%. If that is true, it is vital for NFP’s to connect with the Millennial Generation (born 1984 & later) while looking for other non-cash ways to raise badly needed funds. This tide is rising for NFP’s and it’s time to act.

A Simple Guide Of How To Enter Text Using Your iPhone

Using the keyboard on your iPhone can take sometime to get used too, but once you have practiced you are able to utilize the functions that can be used to create email, messages and browse the internet. In this simple guide we look at how to utilize the keyboard more efficiently.

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